Saturday, November 15, 2008

Just call me Typhoid Mary.

I sound like a seal, feel like a snot fish and look like a whale. I have barely moved from the couch since I got home from work on Friday. I'm congested, I'm achy, I'm pissy, nothing tastes good... but I'm hungry. Lucky Barry! He has actually been wonderful, as usual, and has made me tea and breakfast, went on a Taco Bell run, etc...

I'm upset that I am sick because the timing is beyond crappy. We are smack-dab in the middle of our third injects cycle. Medicines aren't cheap. TTC with infertility is stressful... and being sick is probably not a positive. My frustration from last cycle's whopping 6.7 progesterone has been a downer, as well. On a better note, my 5dpo progesterone was 15.4 this cycle. For me that is equivalent to a BFP with twins;) I have never in my however many years of TTC, have had a level over 10!!

Even if this cycle is a bust, at least we have now upped my meds enough to get decent progesterone. I had three good sized follicles this cycle... one was on my tubeless side, so it was pretty much lost at sea, but the other two had a fighting chance. If this cycle doesn't work, I will more than likely have a sit down with the doctor and talk about where we go from here. The logical side of me says to try three more times at the good dose so that I can have at least three chances with more than one follicle... but the crazy :I want it NOW: lady in me says, if it hasn't worked in the last three, why would three more make a difference?

I wish I could go back to the innocence of thinking that sex makes babies;-/

To top it all off, an old HS cronie of mine called last weekend to tell me that our mutual friend is KU with number 2 (#1 was a HUGE accident)... the best part, she's due in June b/c she timed coming off BCP's so that she wouldn't give birth during the school year, and guess what, it worked like a charm. Lucky Bitch.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

So much for a week;)

Catching up with Barry took a bit longer than I had planned... so sue me;)

We had our annual Halloween Party last weekend and it was a big success! Lots of people came and the costumes were hilarious! Once Barry gets the pictures downloaded to the laptop I'll post some, they are great! We didn't win yard of the month... again. Feckers. The stupid board says every year that we get 1st runner up b/c they want more people to participate and they like to give the award to different people to boost participation. WTF ever. Our house rules, and it's a big joke every year when we don't get it. Well, we won last year, but still. The rules say best decorated, not "best decorated that didn't win last year". Yes, I'm a bit riled up over it all... I wanted that LOWES gift card!

On another note, Barry's 35th was yesterday. We watched the HOGS lose, played with the nephews and ate cake. Barry is so excited about our trip to NO. He's like a little kid! We're taking a midnight vampire tour, a ghost tour, a riverboat tour, etc... lmao, tourism at it's best.

So last month was a crap shoot for stims. They upped my dose this month and hopefully it will be a much better outcome! I'm hoping that we will have much more to celebrate this Turkey Day!!