Friday, April 3, 2009

so many DR's appt's, so little information

So, I did a sleep study. That was a blazing success, if you judge success by glued hair and exhaustion. Yep, that's all I got out of it. They did say that I was borderline in all areas. Yes, my O2 levels dropped, I stopped breathing for a few episodes, yadda yadda. That basically means that I'm not a good candidate for a mask, and I am a good candidate for a mask.

I go back 2 weeks to see what else they say, they mentioned another sleep, study. I can't wait:-/

So, now for my latest dildo cam appt. I'm actually taking gonal f this cycle instead of follistim, b/c a wonderful fellow IFer sent me their extras. So far I prefer FS, b/c the FS pen is so frickin' easy. The multiuse GF is a bit of pain. Anyway, I am also doing the menopur, too... b/c that has shown to make my follicles much bigger, along with my E2 level. I went for CD8 today and my E2 is 58, so we've def got a way to go. I'm continuing the same meds, and go back for my next scan Monday. This is my first of the last three cycles before pulling out the big guns. My heart is still holding out for a baby that is created by sex, but my body always has the last say, and sadly, it is winning.

I consider myself lucky that Barry is so easygoing with the whole fiasco. Cox on Demand is more than a TV channel in our house;)