Sunday, February 22, 2009

The weekend was much better...

than anticipated.

Barry and I had a mandatory 3 day military event this weekend. We were scheduled to go the weekend of the big ice storm, but managed to get out of it... and get permission to do the makeup. This one was in Tulsa. We had to check in Friday afternoon at the Convention Center. We arrive, and no one has any information on us, NO ONE. Fabulous. After several people scratched their ass, they signed Barry up, booked us a room, and gave us directions to the hotel.

Upon arriving at the hotel, we had to argue with the reception desk, b/c they couldn't find our reservation.... fast forward, Barry had a night of meetings and was told he would get the schedule of events. I waited at the hotel.... BAR. I planned to grab a soda in the gift shop, but they were closed, so I found the bar. One whiskey sour turned into three, an appetizer, and chitchatting with 2 pilots from Continental. Barry finally arrived and we had dinner, and more drinks, and more drinks.

I found out that only a TWO HOUR session was mandatory. What? HUH? How the hell?? Whatever, I went shopping, picked Barry up at the meeting, we went to lunch, went to the aquarium, went to a bar, had lots of foreign brews, then we went to the Tulsa Oilers Hockey game Fun! Way more fun than sitting in suicide prevention meetings! Let's just pray that I don't ever need that info, lol

Sooo, since I took my HCG trigger on Thursday, I more than likely O'd on our "vacation"... here's hoping that we caught a healthy egg, and that it enjoyed the relaxing weekend of booze as much as I did. I know that I snuggled into bed each night, hopefully we have an embie doing the same even as I type.

Monday, February 9, 2009

My arm is barely attached...

and I blame all of my pain on B and his tennis match on the Wii;) He plays almost every day, so naturally, he kicked my ass in my first, second and third match. I need to get in practice on the days that he's still at work, but DAYUM, my arm is on fire. I must say, I did beat him on bowling, so his ego isn't quite as big as you would expect.

Anyhoo, Barry and I are back to 100%...well, at least 100% of the crap health that we both have, lol! We are back in the TTC game, so I get to play mad chemist and mix up my drugs. Funny, I have most of my meds stored in the egg compartment of my fridge, b/c it was just the most convenient place. Then I got more than would fit in there, so my meds have taken over the meat compartment. A friend pointed out that it's mighty hilarious that we use the eggs and meat sections to try to make babies. Very fitting, eh?

Who knew that I'd have such a drug habit in my own age??