Wednesday, May 20, 2009


That's how I feel every day starting at about three pm. That means I am fine and dandy at work... and then feel like I've been hit by a truck once I have me time. I guess it's better than all day sickness! So far, I am queen of the bloat. All of my clothes fit (that's the good part of chubby, lol) but I can tell that they fit differently than before. I'm excited to be over 1/2 way to the magic 12th week. Barry is so cute, he now kisses me and tell me he loves me and then pats my belly and does the same to the kiddo. We still need to decide on what we are going to call this bambino. Our friend, M, calls the baby, "Spartacus", lol... I've been saying spawn! Anyway, so far, so good. I guess the nausea reminds me that something is happening in there!

Monday, May 18, 2009


So our Dr's appointment on Friday went GREAT!! I can hardly believe this, but the following picture belongs to me:

That blip in the center of the black high heeled shoe area is our baby:) We have a heartbeat and are measuring RIGHT ON TRACK!! We are so in love with that little guy, indescribable.

Our next appointment is on the 28th, and we get to see the baby again, and I get to give buckets of blood. Please say a little prayer, if you're the praying kind... or a positive thought, if you're not!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

hope to update soon

I have a very important/invasive DR's appointment on Friday the 15th. Hopefully the dr will give me good news on the TTC front. I do not want to jinx my luck, so no more info will be given until that date. If I get the usual or bad news, I may need to head to the looney bin. Just be aware!!

On another note... FLEETWOOD MAC is this weekend! Doug and I will be partying down in KC! I am so excited I can hardly stand myself... after the show we'll be staying right at the Power and Light District (aka BAR ROW), so that should provide lots of fun and entertainment, too! I haven't been to a real concert in over a year. Loverboy doesn't count, lmfao!! I can only imagine the rockin' awesomeness of FM in concert. I am about to burst with anticipation!!!!!!!!!!