Monday, September 28, 2009

We have furniture!

The furniture is here and my wonderful hubs spent the weekend putting it together and dragging it around the room for me:) I'm still not sure on how I want the set up, but I think Barry secretly loves scooting it around, over and over again, lmao.

It is prettier in person than online and is made of real wood, not pressed pulp, so I'm really glad that we decided to get it. Now I need the rest of the material to GET HERE, so that mom can start on the bedding. It was really weird to actually put baby things in the drawers... I may never get used to the idea.

Let's see, this week is parent teacher conferences, and I'm already exhausted. Late nights are not my friend. Plus, my aunt and cousin are staying the weekend at my house and they arrive Thursday when I'm still working... BOOOOOO! So, every spare minute is pent with me running around like a lunatic trying to clean, organize and take my mini BabiesRus store upstairs one item at a time.

Which brings me to this.... pregnancy, back pain and falling-out-crotch pain do not mix with steep stairs.


Me said...

"falling-out-crotch pain"

My sister described it almost identically. How funny!

Mister Z said...

Vanessa, I'm sooo happy for you to finally be getting your little bundle of joy. I got worried when you hadn't posted here for a while. I hope you remember me from FF. Lydia

Lisa said...

I'm sure Barry really did love dragging your new furniture around -- over and over. LOL!

PS - I tagged you on my blog!